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Beatrice Parsons

Lilacs, The Laurels, Oxhey, Hertfordshire

The Painting

A watercolour measuring 9¾" x 13½". Signed Beatrice Parsons. Inscribed verso: ‘No. 4, Lilacs, The Laurels, Oxhey’. Provenance: sometime with Arthur Greatorex Ltd., 14 Grafton Street, London (label verso).

About the Artist

Beatrice Parsons (1870-1955) was one of England’s most notable garden painters. She studied at the Royal Academy Schools and exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1889-99. Around 1900, she began to paint garden subjects. Her first one-woman exhibition at Dowdeswell’s Gallery in 1904 was a near sell-out, securing her career as a professional garden artist. She painted in England, Europe and Africa, recording the gardens of grand country houses alongside those of suburban homes in the London area. Her clients were mainly the creators of new gardens rather than the owners of old ones. She liked to paint borders and flower gardens in the full glory of their summer colours, and her watercolours are a wonderful source of information about Edwardian planting. She also specialised in painting the spring gardens of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, with trees in blossom and spring bulbs.

Beatrice Parsons lived at 63 Kingsfield Road, Oxhey, where she had her studio. Her family is commemorated in St Matthew’s Church, Oxhey by a Nativity window designed by her brother Karl.

The Subject

Lilacs, The Laurels, Oxhey, Hertfordshire.

Beatrice Parsons - Lilacs, The Laurels, Oxhey, Hertfordshire